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How long before I will be able to play my instrument

Playing a musical instrument is an art which relies on various aspects. The most important are your inherent feeling/talent for music, your technical proficiency and your willingness to work towards achieving the best of your abilities. Because music is an…

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How are the fees structured?

By signing the CMA's year contract, you agree to pay the full year's fees in advance. To make it easier for some learners (or their sponsors) to repay the year fee, arrangements may be made to pay off the annual…

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Do I pay for lessons during school holidays?

There are no lessons during holidays, neither are any included in the annual fee. The annual fee is based exclusively on school weeks and do not include any weeks that fall in holidays. Therefore you never pay for any lessons…

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Registration Procedures

Once a learner has decided on the instrument he or she wants to study, the registration process is relatively straightforward. However, not all registrants know which instrument to choose and need to receive some guidance. For more information click on…

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