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Once a learner has decided on the instrument he or she wants to study, the registration process is relatively straightforward. However, not all registrants know which instrument to choose and need to receive some guidance. For more information click on any of the steps listed.

In choosing an instrument the following considerations should be kept in mind:

  • Is there a teacher available for my chosen instrument?
  • Am I old enough to begin learning the instrument of my choice? For example, a child of 5 wants to learn to play the flute, but he/she is physically too small to play it. It would be a better idea, to begin with, a recorder/fife and then progress to the flute.
  • How expensive is it to buy my own instrument? Instruments can be most expensive, and second-hand instruments should always be considered very carefully and with the help of an expert.
  • Can an instrument be rented while I do not yet have my own? The CMA rents out a number of instruments. Please contact the Mrs Elke Koppers.
  • Do my circumstances allow for the choice of my instrument? For example, I like to play the Tuba, but as I live in an apartment building it might cause problems with the neighbours.

Our teachers are always prepared to give advice. Please consult them or the CMA management if necessary.

Before buying any instrument please consult a teacher for advice to avoid buying an inferior instrument. This is an important step which can save you a lot of money.

In the case where teachers teach the same instruments you may choose the teacher providing he/she has a slot available.

Please follow instructions carefully.

  1. First read the Rules and Terms of Agreement very carefully. The Rules and Terms of Agreement may be downloaded by clicking on the registration forms. The contents of this booklet constitute the basis of the registration agreement between yourself and the CMA. By signing the agreement form (see next clause) you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the Rules and Terms of Agreement. Please speak to management or a teacher should you be unclear about any aspects of the various clauses.
  2. Signing up. To sign up and register you need to complete and sign the registration form, available on request or downloadable from the same registration page. You initially sign up for a full year’s tuition, and the tuition periods for the whole year (academic weeks only) are booked for your tuition. There is a cancellation clause that allows you to apply for cancellation of the contract with a period of two calendar months.
  3. Length of Periods. Decide on the length of the period that you need tuition each week. Discuss it with your teacher to see if the length is appropriate.
  4. Year fee. A year fee or a pro-rata fee and a registration fee is levied. If applicable a deposit plus a rental fee will be added to your account. This amount is payable on registration before commencement of any lessons. A list of the year fees is available from here registration forms.
  5. Instalments. You may choose to pay off the year fee over 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 months. Payment of the yearly fee in one or two instalments qualifies for a discount. NOTE: the payment scheme will levy a small administrative fee.
  6. First payment. Your first payment is due on registration and will be the total amount determined on the registration form.
  7. Validity of verbal arrangements. No verbal agreements/arrangements are valid.

Although your contract with the CMA is for a full academic year (or remaining part thereof, depending on the month of registration), an application can be made for the cancellation of the contract by completing the cancellation form. This form may be downloaded or obtained from the management. Please note: the cancellation period is two calendar months from the time the cancellation form has been submitted. Should you require more information please consult the management.

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