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Since the performance of a musical instrument is firmly based on a well-formulated theory, this subject forms an integrated part of any kind of tuition at the Centurion Music Academy.

The levels of theory tuition begin with pre-grade 1 for the very small and novice learners. The subject then progresses through a number of grades up to grade 8, after which professional diplomas and certificates (licentiates) may be written. Obviously, the work is similarly graded and eventually enables a learner to write four-part harmony, melodies, and to have a good foundation in the history and styles of various of musical styles and periods. It is generally agreed that instrumentalists with a solid foundation in music theory, usually are able to render a more confident and stylistically correct performance than those lacking this knowledge.

As with the practical exams undertaken by examining bodies, theory exams take place twice a year. Learners don’t need to do all the exams in the series (from pre-grade to grade 8), and exams of certain levels may be skipped, although they might attend all progressive classes leading to a specific level or grade. Some of the examining bodies do however have certain prerequisites for the higher grades and this depends on the various regulations of the examining bodies.

Theory as an integrated part of Instrumental Tuition

Learners may elect to study the theory along with their practical work. Lessons usually need to be extended by a certain period of time and this can make the music tuition more expensive.

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