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Popular Guitar

Stiaan can play the guitar in a very natural way. His musical instinct leads him, therefore he was already part of a band when he was only sixteen years old. Soon after that he also started teaching.

Currently he plays in two bands namely Skinnee Sunrise and Them Dirty Shrikes. Both bands have played at Oppikoppi and other well-known popular venues. Stiaan also plays in school productions or musicals where the music has a story element. He loves to express himself by writing his own music with his own illustrations. He also writes reviews of albums and other events for The illustrations of Skinnee Sunrise debut album in 2018 was written by him.

Teaching guitar as an instrument did not stay behind. He teaches pupils to play for pleasure but is also very capable to help students with Unisa exams, the Pop and Rock schools of Trinity, music as a subject and theory up to Grade 5.

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